New York’s Sedan Lease Return Specialists

One of the toughest facets of leasing to navigate comes in the form of returning a lease in New York. Many drivers don’t know the risks of returning your lease because they are simply not informed, but knowing the policies and pitfalls to avoid can make the process of lease return so much simpler and safer for everyone involved. Sedan Lease New York is here to help.

Stay Informed About Your Lease Return

For the most part, if you take care of your lease and return it on time, there is really nothing to worry about. Your car will be inspected but normal wear and tear should never result in any additional fees or hassles. There are a few things however that can affect your returns and result in fees, including:
  • Exceeding the agreed upon mileage of your lease
  • Returning your lease early
  • Body or interior damage to the sedan
These factors do unfortunately affect the value of our cars and the day-to-day business we do, however our team is incredibly proactive about communicating these policies and keeping you informed.

Early Lease Return Options

Avoiding damage or mileage overages are fairly straightforward, but Sedan Lease New York understands that avoiding early returns is a much trickier matter. Life events occur, new developments happen, and it can be extremely difficult to predict when you may suddenly need to return your lease before it is scheduled to end. For these situations, our team of experts can help you navigate early returns using tactics like lease transfers or buying out your lease. We’ll work with you to ensure your NYC lease return doesn’t affect you negatively!

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